chapter 1

The year was 2025 and a grate war had broken out
Between two clans these clans were knowen as the fang and the crimson rose clans.

The Scarlet Fangs were relentless killer's whos leadernothing but the deth of the human race.
And the Crimson Rose Clan wanted to protect everythat walked the earth.
The Crimson Rose Leader cared and heald dear to him thing human.

These two clan's have been at war for centuries.
The two leader's whom were once brother's born under blood moon both had diffrent belifes and ideas on there clans should be run.

So they parted way's sworn to become enimie's sworn to distroy each other.
Whom am i you ask? Well let me tell you my story.
All awnser's come to those who wait.....

My name is Pandora i am the only living Daughter of the leader of the
Crimson Rose clan's leader Eathan. Like my Father and his astranged brother was born under the blood moon that was 28 year's ago .

But ill get to my Father later ......

It was Dark i look at my clock its half past 6 in the morning i slowly climb outbed and walk over to the dresser as per the norm my hair is a mess .
I stare in the marror at my pale skin my long white hair refuseing to do as its toldtie it back into a pony tail hoping to restore it to order i stop and look once more my ice blue eyes back at my slender figure.

I reach for my Black dress its long and covered in blood red lace its tight around the waste witch is to be from this type of dress as its my birthday i have been requested to ware this to my birthday ball.I quickly gather my wits and get dressed. Just as i was about to leave my room there was a sudden knock on my door. It startled me making me jump a little I looked at the door and and let out a sigh come in i said.

Just then the door opened a Hansome man walked in he had long golden blode hair that reached down to his waist with the most dazzling blue eyes ive ever seen he was slender.

He smiled Lady Pandora it's a pleasure. Please let me introduce myself my name is Eric and i shall be your date for the ball. He bowed gently as he took my hand.I almost turned red seeing how dashing he looked dressed in his white tux. I stole a quick glance at him as we walked down the hall way towards the ball room .

Eathan smiled like there was no tomorrow just as we approached the door a gentale voice called out to us. Lady Pandora please wait!! I slowly spun round to see no other than my childhood friend Rose standing there she was out of breath she must have been in a hurry. Rose smiled i see you've met already she glanced at both me and Eathan. Eathan noded and I blushed. Rose smiled good i'am glad i dont need to do those silly introductions then. She waved her hands around in the air.

I looked at her just as she startled me. Rose looked me up an down the giggled. My my my dear Pandora i can't believe it it's your birthday already!! It feels like it was just yesterday we met. Rose pulled me in to a hug as Eric stood there with a shocked look on his face. Rose whispered in my ear (oh my hes a looker) she giggled softly as she let me go. well i must be off she yelled as she walked away from us.

I sighed as i turned around and looked into Eric eyes . He smiled softly at me as i blushed "Shall we go inside" he wispered to me. I nod'ed as the grate golden doors open to a room full of people from all over the world.

Just as always they all stopped and turned looking at me smiling. As i walked past then to meet my Dad I saw out of the corner of my eye's a group of 7 young men gathered over by my fathers throne. I smiled as i reached my father and bow'ed lightly. He smiled taking my hand into his he lead me to my throne as I sat down he waved to Eric to join the other young men in the group.

My father stood up and give the formal thanks to every one for coming and then he made the most shocking announcement ever. Today as you all no is my Daughters 28th Birthday so today is also the day that she will also have to choose a suitor to marry. he waved his hand and the 7 young men came and stood infront of us. They all bow'ed . My father looked to me Pandora please come here he took my hand once more. On this grate day i King Ethan have declared that these seven young men shall compete to win my daughter's heart and in doing so he shall become her husband.

I looked to my father in shock. y-y-you can't be serious i yelled at him as the whole room looked on in shock. i snached my hand away and ran out of the room with tears in my eyes i just kept running and running until i reached the only place i knew my father would never look my Rose garden. It was so lovely there were red roses every were and in the middle a little pound full of fish i sat myself down on the ledge of the pound and sobbed to myself wishing that this didn't have to happen.

I let out a gentle sighjust then every thing went dark a voice came from behind me. Guess who??? hmm i whispered who could it be? Is It Izzy?. the hands were removed How did you guess she sighed. Izzy looked at me whats wrong? I looked at her and explained to her what had happened she looked a little shocked. Well i see then your best going and meeting the young men arn't you at least humor your father a little she said as she grabed my hand draging me back to the ball room.

As i walked back in the seven young men all turned around and looked in shock as my father was apologizing to them he noticed me through the corner of his eye being dragged back by Izzy my younger cousin. I sighed and sat down on my seat as the young men lined up to introduce themselfs one by one. The first young man looked a little shy he appered to be in his early 20's he had icy blue hair with hazel eyes hes was rather tall with a slim build. He lowered his head and introduced himself.

My name is Prince Luca and i am the prince of hearth away he stepped to one side as the next moved forward. My name is Seth and i am the prince of Raven wood he bow'ed as the next moved forward. My name is prince Eric and i am the prince of elves. i looked up in shock as i recanised the voice. The whole room gasped at the prince standing in front of me as he grabed my hand kissing me softly on my fingers he smiled pleasure to see you again he noded. A very low voice spoke next i am Prince Bowen it's a pleasure to meet you he blushed as he hid behind Eric.

The End

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