Rocking Quietly

But I had to go home.

The thousand pairs of eyes from my posters stared down accusingly at me.

'You let them take her, Emily. You are the one who ended her life, you alone. It doesn't matter what she did, she's your friend and you betrayed her.' They jeered.

"Leave me alone!" I yelled. Wow, perhaps I really had gone as crazy as Hannah had now.

'It should of been you who is in prison now. Can you picture her? Your Hannah alone and stuck behind bars never to have an ICT lesson with you again. You encouraged her, put those ideas into her head. That makes you the murderer.'

"Shut up!" Clamping my hands over my ears, I sat in the corner rocking quietly but inside something and everything was tormenting me.

'Murderer murderer murderer.' They chanted. Deeper and deeeper I breathed, drown them out, shut them up, get them out of my head. Go away go away go away!

I sunk into unconsciousness. The dreams were the worst. Just the same image of Hannah curled up under a hard iron bed crying and screaming for help but the guards only laughed and hit out at her. Protect. That was the only instinct I had. I did not want this for her. She was a child, a foolish child misguided by me, a friend she thought she could trust.

The End

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