I wasn't biased, at least, I tried not to be. The jury looked at me in pity, my best friend under judgement for killing my brother, whispers of the words 'what is the world coming to?' echoed about me. I was terrefied. There was simply no other word for it, I was shaking all over and tried to swallow but there was something blocking the way. Beside me were my parents; angry and desperate for any sort of revenge. Hannah's family sat with their lips pressed tightly together the other side of the hall.

Then there was Hannah.

She was stood in the small wooden gate beside the Judge's table looking as small as she ever had and she would not stop staring at me. Two police men guarded her, the keys to her handcuffs dangling from one of their belts.

I don't remember much of what happened, it was too scary for me to be able to pull my focus towards it, my mind wandered instead. I knew I said my piece, about finding Leon and the phone calls. My origional statement was read out, a doctor and another police man spoke too. Hannah did not plead insanity as I had suggested, maybe she had known I was lying to her.

I could not look at her green eyes that bore into mine. I knew it was me, and me alone, who would decide if she lived free or went home unpunished. I didn't know what I wanted. Yes, I loved Hannah but the idea of her going back into society when so clearly she had murdered my brother, I closed my eyes.

"Two life sentences to be served consecutively." Rung in my ears.

"I know this was hard for you, Emily. Come on, let's get home." Mum wrapped her arm over my shoulder.

I wanted to scream at them, I wanted to sit in the middle of a road in the puddles and wait for a car to come and hit me.

I did not want to go home.

The End

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