The next few months went by in tears and utter terror.

Few points stuck out for me. I went to three shrinks, changed schools and had one letter from Hannah, smuggled out of prision. It told me of how scared she was, how glad that I had talked her into giving herself up. She told me she was sorry for what she had done, but pleading insanity would not help as much ass I had said: 'But you probably knew that, you and your brain, too clever for me.' She had written. It made me feel awful that this was the same old Hannah I had always known, and I had gotten her locked away. Justice meant she must serve a sentence, I tried to think about that.

The day the court summons turned up was the worst day, worse even than Leon being murdered because this time someone's life was in my hands. I remember sitting on my bed and staring at the words 'Astrid Roberts' for hours and hours, it not sinking in at all.

'Forgive me' was written at the end of her letter. How could I not? The one thing the shrinks focused on was getting me to stop loving Hannah. They were failing.

The day of the hearing approached quickly and I dressed smartly. All black, it seemed appropriate for there was no way Hannah was getting out of this one; wether I wanted her to or not.

The End

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