"I promise you that it will be better if you turn yourself in. No hiding or being on the run, you would be safe and happy. I'd visit you, every week and we could write," I lied, "You'd get two, three months tops." I swore.

"You really think I should?"

"Yes, if you give yourself up, the judge will be even more lenient with you." I smiled, "Would I lie to you?"


Years of trust were finally working  in my favour.

"Would you like me to call the police for you?"

"Yes please." She sunk onto the stairs and sat there with her head in her hands.

Still shaking half from fear, half from relief, I stumbled into the kitchen and dialled 999.

"Hello, which service would you like?"

"Police please." My voice was weak now I was away from Hannah and could not see what she was doing.

"Here you go."

"What is your emergency please?" Came another voice.

"My friend is round my house and she has just admitted to killing my brother, she wishes to hand herself in."

"Okay, address please."

I reeled it off and they sent a police car round.

Hanging up, I was breathing heavily. Unsucessfully, I tried to calm myself down and returned to Hannah who had not moved.

"The people who will help you are on their way." I told her and sat next to her. Strangely, I was not so scared anymore of sitting this close to a murderer; I had loved her for so long I suppose it was hard for me to let go.

Sirens drew up.

The End

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