You're Going Crazy?

You're going crazy? What? I was hyperventillating now, desperate for her help because she was the only one who could help me; the only one who would. Had I upset her? Was she just as het up about Leon as I was? Had I been that selfish?

I downed the freezing tea, letting the ice shards serrate my throat and hopefully settle in my heart. No such luck. Crying and breathing heavily, I sunk into sleep.

When I went downstairs in the morning, I had not noticed that we were back at home, I had not expected to be home because it was a murder scene. The carpet had been ripped up and almost all the bits and pieces gone. The iron, the blood, my brother. The giggle. Was it possible that twice Hannah had laughed while doing something else when I tried to tell her how desperate I was? I shuddered at the thought of Hannah doing something mean to me.

The End

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