The Final Piece of the Puzzle

All those minor problems amounted to nothing separately, but together they all added up; something which I did not see until it was too late.

Too late.

It's too late to take it back now, to change it. Maybe if I had known, if I had been quicker I could have stopped her. Stopped her from destroying my family. I may have hated Leon with every breath I took, but to have him gone, and gone because of her. It was my fault. All mine.

One day she came to the house with the intension of seeing me, but Leon answered the door and I was out. He was all alone. I could picture it. The blind rage searing in her green eyes, the little crease in the midle of her forehead when she got stressed. Despite her being two heads smaller than him, her anger would fill her body with the  adrenalin needed to push him through the door and into the front room.

There, she grabbed the foot stool and threw it in his face, breaking his nose. Leon would be gasping for air, crawling desperately away from Hannah but she was faster, she always had been. She then took the iron and killed him, brutally and mercilessly. Leaving him for dead, she ran.

The End

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