Out of Gas

It took a lot longer to get round to the mine than I'd thought and by barely half-way we were running low on gas. Brad had shifted back and was asleep in his cage, but I needed his help so I poked him through the cage.

"Hey numbnuts, need your help, we're outta gas."

Brad groaned and yawned. "What's that?"

"Get out here and push the damn truck."

Brad reached through the bars and unlocked the cage and climbed out. I chucked him some pants and he pulled them on, slipping on his pumps I'd left in the back of the truck.

It took almost half an hour of pushing before we spoke again.

"I'm sorry 'bout last night."

"Not half as sorry as I am. Least you scared the crap outta 'em so I didn't need to plug 'em."

Brad wrinkled his nose. "Yeah, I can still smell it."

We laughed about that and kept on pushing.

"Any idea where the next gas station is?"

"Nope. But I think I see something 'bout a mile down the road."

We pushed on.

When we reached the gas station, it was abandoned or looked as much. Just a lonely, unmanned gas pump and a rickety old house nearby. We pushed the car up to the pump and while Brad looked after the truck I walked up to the house.

Knock, knock.

I wasn't expecting anyone to answer but the door opened and the most enormous woman I ever did see looked at me in surprise.

"Well hooooooooo-eeeeeee! Ain't had customers 'round here in quite a while, I had tell ya! Come in, come in." She peered  around the door and waved at Brad and he walked on over.

"Your pump don't work." He said as he shuffled on up and I elbowed him in the ribs.

"Well now, that be 'cause you ain't got the key. With it all alone out there we keep it locked. I'll go get. You boys want some pie?"

"Sure." I answered. "You live out here?"

"Sure do." She called back as she disappeared into the back of the house. "Wont be a minute."

As we stood on the doorstep waiting I let my eyes climb the walls. There were all sorts of pictures, black and white. Most were of the woman, I guessed, from when she was younger. She had a twin sister by the look of it. There were various animal skulls and weird knick-knacks dotted around, some seriously weird stuff. Now, we'd seen some strange things on our hunts and this wouldn'ta looked outta place in any one of them. This was some hinky-ass crap. From his expressions, Brad was thinking the same thing.

Suddenly there was a thump and a wail from up stairs. We stepped inside.

"Everything okay up there?" I called.

The woman came back with pie and a key. "Oh just ignore that, just my sister. She her on the walls?"

"She don't sound too good. Everything okay?"

"Yeah, she's just feeling a bit ill right now. Got the key right here, just pop it in the slot."

I went to take the key and leave. I wanted out of there. Just then her crazy-ass sister bolted down the stairs and grabbed my arm, knocking the key and the pie to the floor. As the pie broke apart on impact a thick black slime spilled out on the ground. The crazy woman started babbling weird words at us, some kinda spell or something. I pushed her back and she fell into her sister, knocking her over as we fell back out of the front door.

I looked up and it was night time. It had been daylight when we arrived. Sitting up I looked around and the house, the gas pump, my frickin' truck! It was all gone.

"What the hell?" Brad groaned.

"We ain't in Kansas any more, that's for sure."

We brushed ourselves off and stood up. We were still in the same place, but it was different. The ridge was still there and in the distance we could see the mine on the other side of the valley but now it didn't look like the abandoned ruin it was before. It was lit up like some kind of fun fair. An old style wagon was parked on the other side of the road, a man in wild west garb stood smoking something next to his horse, peering out over the valley.


The End

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