Thomas Walderson

"I'm tellin' you. He's dead."

"You're lying! You tell me the truth, goddamnit!"

The woman behind the counter jumped as Brad slammed down his hand with a crack.

I grabbed Brad's shoulder. "Look miss, my friends, he's just upset. That's all. You sure there can't be any kind of mistake?"

"Yup. Carlton Ramsey is long gone. Old guy passed away a few weeks ago, peaceful like. I know you must both be terribly upset, nobody knew Old Ramsey had any relatives when he moved on."

Brad just shook silently, gripping the library counter.

"Yeah, he was our grand uncle, when my pa passed away, he wanted us to find him, tell him my pa was sorry. Don't know what it was about, pa never said. Guess he'll never get a chance it forgiveness now."

The woman behind the counter's face puckered with concern. "You poor things, and your father, I'm so sorry."

"It's okay I guess. We knew he'd be old now but, well, without closure, the last thing my daddy begged for, hell, I don't think ma will be able to bare it. She ain't long for this world neither. If there was only something, anything to give my daddy some kind of peace, God rest his soul."

Brad looked up at the woman, eyes red with tears. Right on queue. The woman shuffled on her feet, fighting between duty and sympathy. Brad put his hand on hers and looked her in the eyes.


"Well.... I could..."


"I could let you two look at the lockup. After Old Ramsey, oh sorry, I mean your uncle Carlton passed away, well, we didn't know what to do with all his stuff. The Mayor said we should put it all into storage for the time being, till something could be done about it. It's all down in the basement if you want to take a look. Maybe you'll find something for your pa."

"Mary-anne, you are one of God's angels and ain't that a fact! You have no idea idea what this means to me." Brad said truthfully, patting me on the shoulder. "To both of us."

She flushed a bit and adjusted her glasses and lead us down to the basement.

"Well here you are, all your uncles possessions." She said, sliding up the door of the lockup. "I'll leave you guys alone for a minute."

When she left, we got to work. There weren't many things to go through after you ruled out the furniture, just a few dusty old cardboard boxes. No note books though, we were almost gonna give up when we found them, a pack of old photos in plastic bag held to gather with a rubber band.

They were all black and white pictures of the same man, sometimes accompanied by a young Ramsey. The seemed to know each other. Some were in front of a mine, some in front of buildings around town, though they looked newer.

"Brad? Want to put that nose of yours to good use?"

Brad nodded and sniffed the photos. "Them photo's is old, Jake. Like over a hundred years old. Only proves Ramsey had some wolf blood in him."

"Yeah, but who is this guy?" I asked, flipping through the photo's to read the backs of them. One of them had something scrawled on it. A photo of the man stood alone in front of a cliff, a shovel in his hand

Thomas Walderson founding the town, 9/16/1858

"Holy crap, looks like we have a winner. You think this Thomas Walderson might be alive?"

"Hell no. If Ramsey died of old age and this guys even older, I think we're screwed."

"Come on Brad, lets see what we find out first, gotta be something we can do before we just give up."

Brad sighed. "Sure, I ain't nothing else to lose."

Thomas Walderson huh? Please be alive you wolf blooded SOB, we need to kill you!

The End

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