My Forbidden love


Forbidden love.

So bad it hurts
Loving that which is forbidden
That love that belongs to another
A love kept in secret
Ahh, how I love you
And you shall never know
None could know the pain felt
So piercing
My heart crushes with it...trembling as it bottles the feeling
And you shall never know
You are without me
You have another
Someone that could confide easily, their love
I want to wish you well, but I will love you still
Never will it die, perhaps I shall find another to suppress this feeling
But I will love you still
A love that is forbidden
Wanting and needing,
So badly it pains me
So much...I am on the brink of insanity
I love you more than my life itself
Love that is killing me
I long to feel your love
But it belongs to another
And still...
I love you.





The End

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