The Outbreak As FarceMature

The Rebels as a collective movement continued the protest that day and all throughout the next night. Losses were significant on both sides, and it was only until the third day of fighting that things began to quieten down.

They had been beaten back into the abandoned dockyards, and, when they thought all hope lost, the Police had disappeared like the tide going out, almost as if they were as tired of the fight as the Rebels were.

At once (on Dragomir's orders) a rudimentary hospital was established, and a register made, and any missing noted.

Once Dragomir had begun the list, he gave it to Rouben to finish off, and retired to bed. He was headily ill, and was tended to by Cyril Fietznyak.

He faded in and out of consciousness. Each time he would awake, he would see Cyril, and ask him, –Where is Tatjana?– in a faint and ill voice.

And each time Cyril would reply, –Tatjana is attending to the wounded.

Then he would ask, –Where is Rouben?–, to which Cyril would reply,

–Rouben is making a list of the missing.

Thus, apparently reassured, Dragomir would say, –And how about Krasimir?

–Krasimir hasn't returned yet, but he soon will.

–And Cyril?

–I am here, of course. Now rest.

The names were always asked in that order, and the questions and answers were always the same. When Tatjana had last looked at Dragomir, she had said that he would be capable of surviving the fever on his own, without medicine, which was scarce anyway. Cyril wished he was so sure. Sometimes, Dragomir didn't get round to asking after Cyril himself. By the time Cyril had told him about Krasimir's status as missing, he appeared already fast asleep.

The End

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