Two KnivesMature

–Don't go in there,– Dragomir told Rouben when he returned the next morning.


–Are you kidding? It's all over the news, and I know you did it. She's hysterical!

Krasimir appeared at the door next to his comrade. –Why,– he said, –did you do it?

–Good morning to you too, Kras.

–I asked you a question,– Krasimir replied stoically. –And my name is Krasimir, not 'Kras'. But that is beside the point. We all know you did it.

–And you're right, and I don't deny it.

–Take a walk.– Krasimir stepped out of the door, and motioned for both Rouben and Dragomir to follow him, which they did.

Once they were on the street, Krasimir began to assert his case. –Rouben,– he said, –What you have done, no matter what the intention, you have to understand that it was a terrible act.

–If you're trying to tell me off,– said Rouben, beginning to become aggressive, –I regret nothing.

–I'm trying to explain, because I don't think you see what you have done. I don't know if you were there when Tatjana showed us the video of the riot they'd uploaded on YouTube?


–Do you know how much Internet support we got for that?

–Internet support means fuckall, since they aren't here with us.

–In fact it's fundamental,– retorted Krasimir, –because they'll support our plight: it was a good dose of politics. It meant that we have supporters, but you've gotten rid of them all. They'll think we're all terrorists.

–Listen, Krasimir. Look at it my way. We don't want the slow way.

Dragomir, from his standpoint, was taken under Rouben's irresistible spell. –Listen, Krasimir,– he said, –the guy has a point. Who cares about 'politics'? It's our problem, not theirs.

–Yeah. Look, it's not like they're dealing with the problem, they don't know what it's like,– reiterated Rouben. –We need to think of the here and now, the...– his voice dropped, they were, after all, outside: Revolution. It's the only way to deal with it.

–I forbid you,– said Krasimir, in the same strained whisper, –to put any more bombs anywhere.

–Aw, Kras,– pouted Rouben, –you can't give me orders. We're Anarchists, we don't believe in that kind of thing.

Krasimir's mouth remained shut. –Now are you part of this or are you a traitor?

–Traitor I am most definitely not.

–Damn right, mate. So don't give me orders. I'm an Anarchist; I don't take shit from anybody.– Rouben said. Come on, Dragomir, we're going back upstairs, now that we've had our...little walk.

And to the surprise of Krasimir, both men left.

The End

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