Things happened extremely quickly after that. Buildings were set on fire. Shops were looted. Towards the end of the evening, the Bank was stormed by six hundred people. The Riot spread like a wildfire. The patience of the People had finally snapped.

It had more success than Rouben or Dragomir could have anticipated. After three days the entire city was in a state of chaos. Within a week a chain of police stations had gone up in flames all around the country. Though the Police had come out in special squadrons, they were unfit from disuse and easily crushed by the Rioters. The Insurrection spread all around the country, and the Government, confined as it was to a few hundred elites, was almost powerless to stop it.

For two glorious weeks, the City was exactly as according to Krasimir Dulka's prediction: completely stateless, everyone doing his own thing, no Laws, no Police, and no Banks. At the end of the two weeks, more Police came out, there was a terrible battle, and seventy people died, as well as most of the Police.

Finally, on the fifteenth day, the grounds of the Police Headquarters were stormed, the Police crushed, and the Head of Police captured. He was brought back to Dragomir's apartment, and thrown before his feet, his face bruised and bloody.

Dragomir, who was in his kitchen with Rouben Waletzko and Krasimir Dulka, first received him. –The Head of Police, Dragomir,– said the woman who had caught him. She was small, dark, defiant-looking, and filthy. There was blood all down her cheek. Outside, a crowd of people were cheering.

Dragomir looked down. –The Head of Police,– he said coldly. –And you are?– he asked, turning to the girl.

–Tatjana Kobliska.

–Tatjana Kobliska, if our system offered a reward, you would have the highest honour. As for you,– he replied, looking down at the Head of Police, who was looking at the ground.

–The philosophy of Anarchy,– stated Krasimir Dulka, –dictates the absence of the Police as part of the State, which is unnecessary and harmful.–

–Kill him.

The request had come from Rouben. Dragomir turned and looked at the girl, Tatjana Kobliska, whose dark eyes were watching him.

–Well,– he said, –What do the People want to do?–

–I speak for them all,– said Tatjana, –they want to kill him.–

–Stop being so indecisive about this,– retorted Rouben to Dragomir, –you're acting like you're the leader here.–

–Hell no!– cried Dragomir. –I'm as Communist as all of you.–

–Anarchist,– Krasimir Dulka corrected.

–Ah, Dragomir the Red,– said Tatjana Kobliska, smiling. –I will take him outside, then, and, as it is the will of the People, we shall kill him.–

The first limb had been cut off. The Rioters, also, had a unique label, and a unique cause.

They were Anarchists.

The End

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