My first{and last}encounter with vampire

I was walking out one night with a chainsaw when I saw someone sitting on a branch on a very strange tree.I think to myself for a minute and decide.I turn on my chainsaw and start sawing through the tree trunk.I look up and curse when I see the person is no longer there. I turn around and there he is standing there.He grabs me by the throat and pins me against the trunk.I manage to choke out:Check your fly! He looks down and I bring my knee into his face.I hear a bone snap.He grunts and lets go of me.Don't tell anyone but I always carry a stake with me{The wooden one}.I take it out and drive it through his chest.OOPS!Wrong side!He looks down again at the stake.Then he looks back at me.There is an evil sneer on his lips.But I bring up my chainsaw and saw his head off.Now that the body dosen't have a head  it starts walking around in circles.But there is a big crackling sound and I look up.The tree had started to fall down! But luckily I was out of the way but the vampires body and its head{which was still alive}wasn't.
The head rolled over and looked at me.It bared its teeth menacingly at me.I could see its to long vampire teeth and shuddered.The head grinned and was about to say something but before it could it got squished by the tree.I sighed and walked off.

                                                                 EPILOGUE{Its very short!!}          

VAMPIRES!VAMPIRES!WOTCH GONNA DO!WOTCHA GONNA DO WHEN I COME FOR YOU!Yep thats me.A vampire slayer.Fascinating.I've only killed one vampire so far{actully the tree killed it but it still counts}.Well bye for now.

The End

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