The Last Note

I was so mad and so angry at life that it choose me to go through this. That I had to go through depression and that I had to fight this. I always asked why me. But it changed my life, now that I am on the other side of it, I have learned so much. I learned so much about myself. I learned not to judge others and to always be kind. We never know what they other person is going through. To always be a helping hand and at the end of the day, happiness is what truly matters. If it was not for my mom, dad, sister, tyler, roommates I would not have been able to get through my depression. I thank them every day (in my head) for being there for me. They were the biggest and BEST support group that I could have ever asked for. I even got one of my good high school friends back. Which is something I would have never of thought. She is now in my life and I could not be more thankful. Now I see the world completely different and I've learned to sometimes take a step back and appreciate everything that life has to offer.

I can never say thank you enough to my mom, dad and sister and to Tyler. Without my family and Tyler I would never have gotten through all of this. You guys always believed in me and gave me hope. You gave me a reason to not stop fighting. I can not thank you enough for kicking me out of my bed, forcing me to eat, put on makeup, get dressed, go to class, shower and everything that us humans do to get through the day. You guys never gave up on me, and stood by my side through thick and thin. I love you all to death and thank you.

If you or anyone you know is suffering from depression, just know that I am ALWAYS here to talk. I know what it is like and even though I probably do not know exactly how you are feeling, I know pretty close. Hang in there. Find hope in the little things. And suicide is never the answer, even though it often feels like it. Stay strong and reach out for help. Do not be ashamed in how you are feeling and asking for help. It is okay to ask for help. I will always be here if you need someone to talk to.



The End

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