Fractured Rainbows

It's like submerging yourself in water. You can feel the warmth closing over your head, and when you open your eyes everything is somehow clearer despite the blur. The refracted light makes everything seem purer, bringing a dreamlike quality to things. The colours of the spectrum dance on the surface above you, and you can feel yourself relax and you let yourself drift... slowly... away.

There isn't a name for the place I go. My dreamworld, the place I live out my fantasies. It has no title, but it's always there, ready to recieve me after a day of trivial hardships. There's no war, no prejudice, no anguish. I can escape all of that and become someone new, be accepted by people who know me for my soul and not their uncaring impressions in the real world. Sometimes, I get confused and mix up the real world with the one that I wish was real. When I realise which is which, a sadness comes over me and I have to go back.

You might think it would get lonely, living half in a world that belongs only to me. But to me, loneliness is the real world, and my own is the closest I've ever come to happiness.

The End

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