Lauren BarnsMature

+ F u l l - N a m e;  Lauren Barns

+ F C; Deborah Ann Woll 

+ A g e; 23 

+ B i r t h d a y;  September 12th 

+ S t a t u s; Single, straight.

+ R e s e r v e d; No 

+ N i c k n a m e s; Lori 

+ L i k e s;

  • Her job 
  • Home-Décor
  • Expensive brands
  • Charity Work
  • Raising Awareness for Child Abuse 

+ D i s l i k e s;

  • Her mom
  • Men – she has a huge fear of them and being close to them
  • Physical Intimacy
  • Drugs 

+ B i o; 

When she was a little girl, Lori would day-dream a lot. When her mom was shooting up or letting one of her suppliers have his way with her as a form of payment for the drugs, she’d close her eyes and she would see herself in a plush castle, happy and safe. Throughout her life, Lori was one of those kids who lived below poverty line. Dad was no where to be found and her mom was a drug addict to almost every substance. When Lori would come home from school part of her would pray that she’d find her mom alive and the other part of her would pray that she’d find her dead. Lori loved her mom, but she hated her for what she did to her, what she let men do to her and that she never took care of her like a mom should. 

At a young age Lori learned to cook, clean and take care of herself. In high school she’d wake up, make herself and her mom breakfast, go to school then go to her after school job and once she was home, she’d make her and her mom dinner if her mom was feeling up to eating then lock herself in her room to study. Although some nights her mom owed one of her suppliers and they barely had enough money to get by, so Lori was often the payment.  Even happened on Prom night. Lori had saved up all her money from working at the local McDonalds, bought herself a dress at a Thrift Store, put some cute lace on it and made it look so great with what little money she had. But before she could walk out that door and join her happy friends, she had to let some guy use her so her momma could get her fix for the next month.

Thankfully she worked her butt off in high school, determined not to become like her mom. With a full ride scholarship to CCA based on her academics, she majored in Interior Design and minored in Business. After working her way up the ladder in some great interior design companies, she saved up enough money to start her own right in Beverly Hills. After two successful years of making bank on designing home décor for the rich and famous, Bravo, a television company asked to follow her around for a new TV show. ‘Designing For Millionaires’ has just finished wrapping up filming and is due to air sometime in December.

With a huge paycheck now, Lori finally has her dream castle where she is safe and happy. Living in LA, just thirty minutes from her studio, she is almost as rich as some of her clients. She managed to get herself out of skid-row and make something of herself, something her mom used to tell her she’d never do. 

+ P e r s o n a l i t y;

Determined would be the first word people describe Lori and if you heard her story, you’d know why. She tends to be a bit OCD when it comes to her job, but that’s what her clients pay her the big bucks for. Everything has to be perfect for them or else her reputation is down the tubes. Now that her name is getting out there and she has her own TV show, she is starting to speak out about her childhood and child abuse. She has a big soft spot in her heart for children, especially those who are abused – so she spends a lot of time at a local battered women’s shelter and talks to the kids there. Although her life seems like it’s on a great path now, and it is, she has still not healed from the sexual abuse she went through as a child and teen. Lori has never been on a date, never kissed a man willingly before or even had a boyfriend. Lori has a huge fear of men, especially being intimate with one. So if any man wants to court her, they are going to have be patient with her. She’ll be worth it though, she has a heart of gold once she lets her guard down around you.

+ J o b; 

Interior designer 

The End

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