Lisa MooreMature

+ F u l l - N a m e; Lisa Moore 

+ F C; Kate Upton 

+ A g e; 27

+ B i r t h d a y; October 25th 

+ L i k e s; 

  • Men 
  • Acting
  • Charity work 
  • Her job
  • Comedies 

+ D i s l i k e s; 

  • Her history 
  • Her relationship with her family
  • The shame and guilt she feels 
  • Being asked about her old job

+ B i o;

When parents bring a precious little girl into the world, they dream up all of these wonderful and amazing things that they would accomplish in their lifetime. None of those dreams ever included their baby girl would become an adult movie star. But that’s what Lisa Moore ended up doing. Of course she didn’t go by that name for her career. Gracey Lynn was her “movie star” name and for several years she worked her way up from being in a few scenes to starring in some huge adult movies. But Lisa never lost sight of her goal, Hollywood. While doing her hardcore movies, she took night classes for acting. After graduating, she set out on finding herself a real agent so she could land some non-adult roles.

It took her several tries until she found an agent who neither laughed at her, called her a nor slammed the door in her face. Finally landing a small role in a comedy, she shined beautifully as an actress. And the best part was, she got to keep her clothes on the whole time! Two new roles came after her debut and finally her parents got back in contact with her. After not speaking for several years, it was hard for them at first to have a normal relationship. There was a lot of awkwardness between her and family but for the most part Lisa was able to get back into the good graces. Lisa and her parents though don’t talk about the past or about her old job. It opens up old wounds and always takes Lisa back to a place of guilt.

Now as a major actress, Lisa is well known for her work in some major motion pictures. While there are still critics of her who refuse to let her forget where she started, she has managed to get herself nominated for an Oscar in a movie back in 2013. While she tries not to let it get to her, Lisa still feels as if she has to defend herself and her acting skills. Which has helped her in some ways to better herself when it comes to her craft. Wanting to prove the critics wrong, she continues to strive to be a compelling actress and not just some who started off laying on her back on some casting couch. Living in Hollywood now, she has two movies in the works at the moment that are due to come out in 2015. 

+ J o b;

Pornstar turned Actress

The End

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