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This is a collection of all my Female Original Characters. They are all open to plotting and shipping. So if you see one that catches your eye, message me and let me know!

+ F u l l - N a m e;
 Claire Sanders 

+ F C; Candice Accola 

+ A g e; 25 
+ B i r t h d a y;  August 5th 
+ S t a t u s; Single, straight. 

+ N i c k n a m e s; Claire 
+ L i k e s;

  1. Fashion
  2. Sketching 
  3. Sewing 
  4. Reading 
  5. Her job 
  6. Charity work 

+ D i s l i k e s; 

  1. Her dad being an alcoholic and addicted to drugs 
  2. Intimacy – on any level, whether its friendship or romantic. It scares her because she will start to show her feelings, something she is not comfortable with nor does she know how to do well. 
  3. Expressing her emotions/telling people how she feels 
  4. Relationships – friends or romantic. It scares her to get close to anyone. 

+ B i o;

Not very many kids grow up in a household where their parents are famous and while the life of being a child born to a legendary British singer may have seemed glamorous and amazing from the outside, it was far from that for this young beauty. Her dad had made some of the biggest chart topping hits back in his day, making millions. But the high life and the fame came with a price. Feeling the pressure and stress, her dad turned to drugs and booze like so many other great legends before him, leaving his young daughter to be raised by nannies. Her dad was Walter Sanders, an amazing musician and singer from England that had some wonderful hits in his day that sky-rocketing him to fame. But the business chews you up and spits you out as many would say, and soon he became old news. Needing something to occupy his time he turned to what he had always done when on tour, drinking and drugs. Although this time, there was no parties to go to or award shows to get amped up about. 
During her teen years, Claire’s face was splashed all over the news and tabloids as her father spent months in and out of rehab centers all across the United States and their home country, England. While she attended a private school in England, her dad struggled for years with alcoholism and drug abuse. There were a few times when he tried to do come back tours and promised her that he was getting better. But something always made him fall of the wagon and she soon had to learn that she could only rely on herself. 
Claire’s mom had never been involved in her life much so it was devastating for her to watch the only parent she knew and loved spiral out of control. Although disappointment and anger took over when she was 18 years old and found out that her dad had been stealing from her college fund to fuel his addictions for years. It was an odd feeling, to be so famous and so well known… but so broke. 
Claire did several magazine and television interviews about what it was like growing up with a rock star dad, which helped her get some money back. Instead of blowing it though, she put it back in her bank and headed off for college. Not just any college though. Central Saint Martin, the top school for fashion and design. With graduates such as Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney, this school churned out some of the best the fashion world has ever seen. And this now included Claire Sanders. 
After graduation Claire started to do design work for some of the leading companies in the industry. At age 23 she had her first collection featured in Prada’s Spring Show in Milan. Working hard, dedicating her time and life to her work, she has quickly become a rising star in the world of fashion. Some of the biggest names in Hollywood have worn her clothing to Red Carpet Events and she has been asked to partner with companies such as H&M, Sacks 5th Avenue and Gucci to help design some of their collections. Now as she continues to do work for celebrities, magazines and other clothing stores, she is working on her own fashion label and opening up her own boutique that she hopes to soon expand into several chain stores across the US and England. While she may not be famous for her signing voice like her dad was, she is certainly making a name for herself and doing it all on her own. 

+ P e r s o n a l i t y;

Claire is a go-getter and is a very driven person. From a young age it was easy to tell she would not be distracted easily or let very many things stop her from doing what she wanted to do. Watching the way her dad went through women and after women, it angered her to see that women let themselves be treated like that but also that men still in this day and age don’t always views women as equal. So her designs, her collections and the projects she works on all have one goal or theme in mind. Women empowerment. Women can look gorgeous but they can be smart at the same time. Beauty and brains is what she strives to make people see when they look at her fashion and when they see woman wearing them. Claire has a very ‘get it done’ type of demeanor about her and many of her associates or employees are scared to approach her at first, and while she expects perfection and hard work from her company and her people, she does have a heart. Claire was never taught how to show much emotion and her own dad never said ‘I love you’ very often or really showed that he cared much about her to begin with. So Claire’s role model and example of how to show feelings is not the best and so she struggles with wanting to show people she has a heart, but not knowing how to do so without accidentally making people not respect her or think she is a push-over.

+ J o b; 

Fashion designer 

The End

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