Chapter 5Mature

                Three years later, the four of us continued to fight in the ongoing war against the locust. We had received word that Marcus Fenix, a renowned gear within the COG ranks, had been sprung from prison by Dominic Santiago. Marcus had been there for several years, eventually left to die when the prison was abandoned. He was originally imprisoned for abandoning his post to assist his father, who ended up dead.

                Meanwhile, Jimmy had become a close friend of ours through the fighting. He’d gone from an eager, green-as-grass recruit to a hardened veteran in about a year. He still kept his light-hearted personality, but he was now more familiar with the horrors of war. He occasionally took off his helmet, showing his youthful face and medium-length brown hair. We were surprised with the speed at which the transition happened. The rest of us, on the other hand, remained much the same.

               Still, he was one of us. One of our brothers in the fight against genocidal monsters, in order to hold on to our deepest, most desperate hopes that humanity would prevail and survive. 

The End

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