My Feelings For You

So we just cannot say the three words 'I Love You'. Sometimes it doesn't seem enough to explain what we are feeling inside. Yet, it contains all that feelings we have inside us for the one person we can't have in our life and who we are going to love forever.

 My feelings for you are so intense,

It’s like a forest which is dark and dense,

So clustered with trees of emotions,

That has strong roots but unknown directions.

My feelings for you are so strong,

It’s like Celine Dion singing the titanic song,

That gives every heart, strength to move on,

And be in a fairy tale from dusk to dawn.

My feelings for you are so vulnerable,

It is like a code which is easily breakable,

You know how to enter my heart but still you knock,

I give you the password and then you unlock.

My feelings for you are full of scars,

It’s like a wounded soldier who still fights in the wars,

He knows he won’t win and neither will he die,

He just enjoys losing and he loves to silently cry.

My feelings for you are so heartbreaking,

It’s like a harsh treatment that is done for healing,

You are a disease- a lifelong cancer,

Thousand doubts to which I will never have the answers.

My feelings for you are so complicated,

It’s like a lover who has never truly dated,

He just kisses the people, whom he never loved,

And loves the one whom he never kissed.

My feelings for you won’t go away,

Even when we are apart they are going to stay.

I will miss you each and every day,

And My heart will love you as it loves you today.

The End

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