My feelings

Hey everyone! 
So you probably just clicked on a link that brought you here, and I am very grateful that you've shown an interest in the title. 
However, if you were probably looking for a love/romance story, then this is not what this is going to be about...well, for most of the time anyway. No, for this is just going to be like a written account of my feelings which I get day by day, and sharing them with you guys. 

Normally, I'm a very happy bubbly person, but sometimes, I have those rainy days too. I don't have a temper, but if someone does piss me off during one of those days that I'm in a bad mood, then I begin to flare up. But I've just accepted the way I am. I'm not perfect, and I don't intend to be. I like learning things, about people, or just about new things that I didn't know before. Why? Not only do I grow up from learning how to deal with everyday situations, but I learn a great deal about myself too. It was only last year when I noticed how stubborn I can be, how I don't accept things when people tell me that it's what they are.

It's today when I got some inspiration for writing this. I just felt really unwanted, and I felt I'd write about it. But since I have all these different feelings everyday, I thought I'd make chapters of it. By the way, it's not just negativity I will write about, since it's only time to time when I feel like a piece of poo (sorry, couldn't find a better simile) . I hope to share my happiness with you guys as well. 
I hope you guys enjoy learning with me =)

The End

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