Pool Playing

Oh baby don’t you know I suffer?

Oh baby can you hear me moan?

You caught me under false pretenses

How long before you let me go? 

The lyrics blasting from Riley’s cell phone made the both of us jump. He laughed a little before fishing it out of his pocket.  

“Supermassive black hole!” I gasped, “I love the song.” 

“Me too.” he replied and then his face fell when he looked at the screen. 

“What? What’s wrong?” 

I thought I was a fool for no one

Oh baby I'm a fool for you

You're the queen of the superficial

How long before you tell the truth 

Riley held up the phone so I could see it: Boss Man it read. Uh oh. He answered it with a wary expression. “Hello?” 

We could both hear the yelling clearly. “What’s this I hear about you opening up the pool for people?! You know we’re not open at this hour! You know the rules, boy!” 

“Yes sir.” Riley put in, “But sir—” 

“No! Don’t go all ‘but sir’ to me! Quit failing at your job! You know the rules! Start following them! I don’t feel like getting out of bed at the moment to come and kill you! So do your job! The right way!” 

“Yes sir.” Boss Man hung up without another word and Riley looked over at me with wide eyes.

“Guess that’s my cue.” I stated, taking my feet from out of the cool water. 

“Unless you really want him to get out of bed.” He cracked a smile and I returned it while getting up to leave.

The End

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