Night Life

I strolled down the dark sidewalk in my neighborhood, happy to be free. Well, somewhat. Collin did live on the next street and he was probably with Jason but I just won’t go that way. 

I headed to the neighborhood park and pool. Yes, it’s seven at night but I bet the pool is already locked up and closed. Not that I was planning for a swim or anything. In fact, I had no idea what I was planning for. 

Just as I thought, the pool was locked and the pool guard was fast asleep, Riley. I’m pretty sure he’s about eighteen maybe but I guess it doesn’t really matter. I tapped him awake and he jumped with a start, pushing me to the ground by the pool gate. 

“Oh sh*t. Sorry, Allie. I didn’t know that was you.” He murmured, helping me up. 

I grumbled, “And I didn’t know you could recognize people through your sweet sweet slumber.” 

“I was sleeping? Ugh, boss is gonna kill me.” 

“No he wouldn’t. Can you let me in?” Riley rubbed at his messy brown curls and thought about it quickly. 


“Oh come on. Pleeeaaasseee?” He shook his head, moving the chair he was sleeping on out of the way of the black iron gate. 

“No.” He repeated, turning around to unlock for me. I smiled a thank-you. “If you make me lose my job …” 

“Calm down.” I laughed, “Its only 7 o’clock. And anyway, how much damage do you think I’ll do?” A flirty smile placed on my lips, I laughed again and walked off before he could reply.

The End

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