I sighed loudly, blowing my hair off my face and avoiding Shane’s question at the same time. 

“Allie?” he whispered, wiping at his lips. “Hello?” 

“Shhh.” I hissed, wiping my lips as well. “It’s a long twisted story that I don’t feel like explaining.” 

“Oh. Ok.” He looked suddenly uncomfortable. Maybe it was the fact that we were talking or something. I don’t know—and I don’t care. “Well … uh are you okay?” 

I burst out laughing and he kind of jumped, looking startled. I ignored that and continued giggling. Well, it was way more than just a giggle. I laughed so hard I had to lean over and clutch my sides because I thought I might fall apart into pieces because I was laughing at the very thought of being okay. It took me a couple minutes to calm myself. 


“Yes?” I said in the calmest voice possible which brought on a couple more chuckles. 

“I asked if you were alright.” 

“I’m fine.” I lied smoothly, but now I was just smiling so wide and he must have thought I was crazy. H*ll, I am crazy. 

“Um, well … where were we again?” Ugh, stupid pick-up type of line. Means he wanted to keep going but only paused to prove he’s got some feelings. Luckily, the sliding door opened and out came my mother and Mr. HEFTY. I actually forgot his real last name.

And now this is awkward. Shane and I weren’t exactly in the best position. We quickly untangled ourselves from each other and stood. “Looks like you got to know each other.” Mr. Hefty said with a little pink blush that men aren’t really supposed to have. “So sad to tell you we’re leaving, son.” 

Shane strolled up the steps and I followed after him silently. My mom broke the silence like usual, “It was nice to sit down and talk with you, Mr. Mason.” YES! That’s it. Mason. “It’ll be nice to see you again … maybe next week sometime. When we’re both in town.” 

Mr. Hefty (I think it’s a better name) smiled and nodded at her. He dabbed his sweaty forehead and we all headed back inside. They left within minutes and Shane was smiling at me as their car pulled down the street. 

I think it was quite a nice evening, don’t you? Ha-ha!

The End

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