Steps of How-To

He didn’t try to hide it. It was more like he wanted me to see his obvious flirtatious movements. He leaned back into me and our hands met in between. Step one: complete. 

Step two: wait for the first move or make it. Ah, f*ck it. I shall make it. I pressed myself—slowly—closer to Shane and he didn’t push me away or anything. Very good sign. 

I grabbed his chin and stared into his pretty eyes for a second. Then took the plunge. Well, actually correction. HE took the plunge. Let the record show that Shane “Hefty” kissed me before I kissed him. That’s information useful in a trial you know. 

So anyway, back to the kiss. I can’t really say that when our lips meant it was like fireworks or an explosion or anything. But it was nice. His lips were soft and his tongue was sweet. Perfect match. Step three: halfway. 

What I mean is we didn’t just kiss. It was kind of like full on make-out within a matter of seconds. Nice, I know. So Shane and I were having lots of fun sucking face on the steps when of course, something horrible had to happen. 

He—yes, his fault—shoved himself to hard into me and we tumbled down the steps. Somehow someway though, we managed to keep kissing on the pool deck. You know how it feels when you just get too into it? 

I was under him and he was on top as we continued. But ah, here’s another problem. I was holding his face … and he was holding mine. And somehow someway, he smeared some of the make-up covering my massive bruise. 

Once he could see it though, he pulled away. “Holy sh*t! What happened to you?!” Aw so sad. We didn’t even get to step four.

The End

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