“Hi.” I said with a seductive smile to Shane before pouring myself something to drink. Only so I could look over the glass though and try to find Shane’s weak spot. He obviously is attracted, the question is: what’s his hot spot? 

I know. I’ve got a plan. A perfect plan. “Hey.” He replied with an equally flirty smile—if guys have flirty smiles. 

“You wanna check out the backyard?” He nodded and we left the adults at the table before heading out the sliding back door. 

Shane walked to the edge of the back porch, looking out at my backyard. Every time I look—though I haven’t enjoyed it in a while—my breath somehow gets taken away.  

The backyard is kind of split into two areas. One has a nice pool, hot tub and waterfall while the other is a sun deck the looks out at a patch of the golf course that runs through my neighborhood. 

I guess every time I gaze out it gives me the chance to appreciate what my mom does as a single parent. I mean, she has this amazing job that supplies everything I’ll ever need and yet everything I really don’t. 

What I need is someone that will be there for me forever. I need something that will always be in reach for me to grab a hold of. Maybe I should become a Christian or something. That will definitely get rid of my craziness. 

Once my train of thought ended, I figured Shane was done taking in the view as much as I was. “Wow,” he whistled. “This is a nice backyard.” 

“Thanks.” I gave him a breath-taking smile and took a seat on the porch steps that he stood on. Shane followed suit. 

“So?” he shrugged, “I’m … not much of the conversation type.” Me either I thought with an internal chuckle. My numerous little chats occur on the inside most of the time. Hmm, maybe he’s crazy too. 

“Then what is your type?” I pressed on, leaning into his shoulder.

The End

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