Collin lied to me. I mean, Collin and Jason both did. But Collin lied about going to Colorado. He didn’t go there because he felt bad for hurting me. He went there because he needed to buy the drugs he couldn’t pay for. And then, Jason and I had a one night stand and he acted all weird and left. But he didn’t say he left because of the truth, he said he was leaving because he hurt me but he didn’t mean to … but he did. 

“And along came you.” David continued after an awkward silence. “You got dragged into this by me since they haven’t given up the money yet. I feel a bit … bad for you. Can you believe it?” He laughed. 

You’re a strange, kidnapping drug dealer, David. That’s all I wanted to say. 

“But I’m not gonna hurt you. Or … I don’t have to unless you make this harder. And that wouldn’t be smart.” His voice turned ominous but I didn’t focus on that. I focused on the fact that my legs were numbed and my body felt so sore. And then finally, David got up. He picked me up from the ground and set me in a chair like I was lighter than a baby. 

He surprised me though. He didn’t tie me up or anything. All he was concerned about was the tape over my eyes and nothing else. Hmm, funny how easy it would be to rip that tape off and run. He must have been guessing my plans. So maybe he’s smarter than I think. 

“I wouldn’t run away though, Allie. You could hurt yourself running without your eyes and I wouldn’t want that. That’s the last thing I want actually. For Collin and Jason to show up here with my money and see you hurt.” 

“They’re … they’re coming here?” I croaked. 

“Mhmm, how else would I get my money from them?” 

“But I’m … I’m—” 

“Here? Yes, that’s the point.” 

“No!” I yelled at him fiercely and I knew he was walking toward me. In seconds, I could feel his breath on my neck. I shivered involuntarily. “I don't want to see them now.” I whispered.

“You won't.” David argued and I reached out toward him, knowing exactly where his chest would be. I gripped his shirt and pulled him closer to me. 

“That's not very fair, David.” Whether Collin and Jason coming here would set me free, I couldn’t handle knowing that they both were standing in the same room as me. And I couldn't handle the fact that they would both be able to see me but I couldn't see them.

David released my grip from his shirt and took a step back. "Calm down, will ya Allie? They're gonna be here any minute. No use fixing what isn't broken."

I cracked.

I ripped the tape off my eyes, wincing in pain as it pulled at my hair. Ignoring the pain, I sprinted for the door just as it opened. My hand was on the knob as it burst, knocking me to the floor.

Looking up slowly and unwillingly, I came face-to-face with Collin and Jason. Oh happy day.


The End

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