David came down hard on me. His legs pinned down my legs and torso while he grabbed my wrist roughly, twisting my whole arm uncomfortably behind me. I screamed for a second and then gasped in pain, clenching my teeth together. “I didn’t want trouble.” David snarled. 

“Okay, okay." I gasped, “Stop it. Let me go. Please.” He released my wrist and I fell onto the floor, pulling my arm back in the correct direction. Then, I heard the dreaded sound I was hoping I wouldn’t hear: duct tape. I flinched. 

“Easy.” David laughed, “Just for those eyes.” 

He laughed again, ripping off a piece of tape and wrapping it over my closed eyes and into my hair. I could feel my whole body shaking uncontrollably.  

“Calm down, will you? This isn’t gonna take very long so I wouldn’t get nervous around me. I’m not the type to make people nervous.” Oh really? I never would get that idea from you, Mr. Kidnapper named David. 

“What do they owe you?” I asked randomly. I was hoping this would get him off of me but he didn’t make any advances of getting up. And he was heavy. 

“Hmm, I guess its safe enough to tell you. They owe me money for some drugs from Colorado.” Colorado? Of course. 

“Both of them?” 

“Mostly Jason but Collin got dragged into this too.”

The End

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