Brothers And Friends

“Yeah … they’re brothers.” The guy said calmly. What?! NO way in h*ll! 


“Oh, you didn’t know that part. This makes it more fun. So yeah, I’m a friend of the brothers, Jason and Collin. But they owe me some money so I figured, I’ll be in town. And then I figured I wouldn’t be able to just walk right up to them and ask for the money they owe me so I’ll do it … the hard way. By taking you and leading them on.” 

I was about to turn around to glare at him but he pushed me back on my stomach and I groaned again. This was starting to hurt. 

“No, no, no. That ruins it all if you see my face. You could turn me in or something.” I turned my face to the side so I could breathe better but he was still holding me down. 

“Get off me … whoever you are.” I huffed. 

He chuckled, “Its David and no worries, Allie. As long as you cooperate, I’m not gonna hurt you.” That didn’t sound very promising but he picked me up off the ground, covered my eyes and started walking deeper into the alley. “Oh and don’t scream but I think you already understood that part, huh?” I growled at him as he cradled me in his arms like Collin had the day he left me. “Oh feisty. I have to admit, they pick the best girls to fight over.” 

That broke my heart. “What? What … are you talking about?” 

“Let me just guess. Collin had you first but then he did something a-hole-ish and so Jason came in as the let’s make it better guy but really that’s not what he was going for. Jason’s after a little action, you know one night stand type of thing. Then, they break the news to you. How far did you get?” 

I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t even fathom the first idea that they were brothers, let alone the fact that they were playing me. 

David didn’t wait for an answer anyway. “Ah, here we are.” He set my feet to the floor inside an unknown building, still covering my eyes. I had the feeling he was reaching for something to tie me with so this would probably be my only chance. 

I ripped free of the hand around my eyes and got two steps before I went down. Oh well, at least I got to see my surroundings a little bit. We were in a messy apartment loft and out the window was the brick of another one next to us. In the back of my mind, I couldn’t remember stairs but I didn’t think we were on a main floor...

The End

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