I continued my walk down the sidewalk, pretending like nothing is wrong until two big hands came down hard on my shoulders, dragging me to the ground. I tried to scream but the wind had been knocked out of me and no sound came out. The hands covered my eyes, lifted me up, and then we were walking.

 Just as I got my breath back to scream, they pushed me on my stomach to the ground again. I groaned, closing my eyes. “Ah, you must be Allie.” Said a voice I didn’t recognize at all. I didn’t speak though; I hadn’t recovered enough yet. “Well, I’ve been looking for you, Allie. Took long enough to find you but once you ran from Collin’s house, it was just too easy to get you. I had to do it quickly of course.” 

While the guy continued talking, I pushed myself up onto my hands and knees. I calculated how I could run and where to run. We were in an alley and he was behind me, blocking out the best escape. Where to go, where to go? 

“Haven’t got anything to say, huh Allie?”

 I coughed to get my voice back and asked, “Who are you?”

 “Oh just an old friend of someone.”

 “Who?” I pressed on.

 “Sounds like you want the whole story. Well, you see, I’m just a friend of Jason and Collin’s.”

 “Both of them?!”

The End

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