Nothing To Hide

Okay, so maybe I am willing … because I did follow Collin back to his house. He told me he needed to grab something quickly and that I could wait outside if I felt uncomfortable. Well, I did feel uncomfortable so I did wait outside but that didn’t stop me from facing my fears.

 Standing in Collin’s front lawn didn’t feel right. I felt … out of place. Well, because I was. But I felt like I didn’t belong there. And I didn’t.

 What am I doing here?

 And just like that, I bolted. I ran for two blocks straight but stopped to a walk once I was out of sight of Collin’s house. I don’t understand how he always gets into my head. It just … doesn’t make any sense. I mean, honestly, he can’t control what I do but I guess he contributes to what I do.

 I sighed, changing the subject for myself. I wonder where Jason is right now. And I wonder what was wrong with him before he left my house? Did it have something to do with whoever was on the phone? Maybe he—no, never mind. I should mind my own business.

 I switched back to Collin and thought about his brother. Since when has he had a drug addict brother? And since when and why would he ask for my help with him? I don’t understand this. Or maybe … I shuddered … Collin was just trying to get me to his house. But why would he want that? I shuddered again, not answering that question.

The End

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