Not Hidden Enough

I sat down on my bench at the park, pondering a lot of my issues. Randomly, I decided it was too depressing and looked around the park. Though I wasn't hiding from anyone, I jumped when a heavy hand rested on my shoulder. Calming myself down in a matter of seconds is one of my new skills. Just Jason.

“Hey baby.” I murmured silently.

“Hey.” The voice I didn’t want to hear said back. I shivered, removing myself out from under Collin’s hand without getting up or turning around to face him. We conversed just like that.

“Go away.”

“No can do, baby. I … um need to talk to you … um about something important.”

“Nothing that has to do with you can be considered important anymore. You broke my heart.” My voice cracked like it always does around him.

“Yeah well, I might have.” He shrugged, “But I gotta fix something before it gets … more broken.”

“Huh? What kind of meds are you on?” I finally turned around to face him with raised eyebrows.

“Not me.” He whispered. Then who?

“Who?” I croaked.

“My … um brother.” Huh, since when has Collin had a brother? “And I need your help to … fix him. I guess.”

“Number one: how can you guess on something like that? Two: why would you ask for my help? Three: we don’t like each other enough to do favors.” Okay, so the last one was a lie but I guess its better … er easier, no ... to lie to him than to lie to myself.

Collin waited to see if I was going to say more but I caught up in my thoughts. “Well, I didn’t know anyone else that would be willing to help.”

“I’m not willing.” I snapped sharply at him.

“Oh really? You wouldn’t help someone in need? Never figured you for cruel, Cathy.”

That right there. That Cathy did it. Don’t ask me why but I felt the need to prove something to him. And though I know I shouldn’t have, I found myself following Collin off to do a good deed.

But … isn’t that like the first time Collin and good deed have fallen together in the same sentence? I guess, second time now.

The End

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