You Love Her

Meanwhile, Jason headed back to Collin's house where he was staying at. He started thinking hard, pacing from the family room to the kitchen and back again.

I shouldn’t be doing this to her. Collin hurt her enough, I shouldn’t hurt her more. But I need those drugs. Need them now. They’re so important but really ... so is she. Am I supposed to pick between Collin’s ex and drugs or something? Am I supposed to decide if torturing a girl is worth my drugs or not?

He grabbed at his hair in fury.

But she deserves to be left alone. She’s just so … innocent. I don't even get why Collin wants me go after her or whatever. This is so stupid!

Jason called Collin quickly. “What?” Collin barked.

“I don’t know if I can do this, man.”

“You want your drugs, don’t you?”

“Yeah! But why am I ... just randomly hurting her!"  His voice broke and he paused, "Just give me the drugs.”

"I don't know ... but I'm gonna be back in town tomorrow so don't even worry about it."

"Why am I doing this anyway? What you got against Allie that's so bad?" Jason asked, pondering any possible answers.

Collin didn't even give one. “When it comes to girls, you’re not supposed to have feelings for them. You—"

Jason interrupted, “You love her.”

The line went silent as Jason heard Collin stuttering silently. “Not anymore.” Collin finally answered.

“That’s not true!” Jason yelled and it was Collin’s turn to hang up.

Jason sighed loudly, sitting down on the couch. What to do now?

The End

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