Really Wrong

I walked back down the stairs to Jason as he slammed his phone shut. “Who was that?” I asked him and he looked at me blankly.

“No one. Allie, I’m sorry about … everything, okay? I didn’t mean to hurt you and I didn’t want to, I just … did. I’m sorry.” Jason murmured silently.

“You, you didn’t want to but you did. Jason, that makes no sense.” I said, walking toward him until our bodies were pressed together. “But I believe you.” I kissed his lips and he grabbed my face, kissing me back.

Randomly, he pulled away. “No, this is wrong. Really wrong. Allie, I got to go.” He started gathering his stuff from around the room.

“But, wait—Jason…” I mumbled but he was already out the door. Once I was alone, all the emotions hit me hard and I decided to leave the house. I needed fresh air, I needed relief, and I needed ... something more.

The End

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