Jason's Secret

I headed upstairs to change clothes. Meanwhile, Jason searched around for his cell phone, cursing in his head.

Jason, you’re an idiot. You made her cry. You made her cry. How could you do that?! Idiot.

He found his phone and text:
How long until I tell her I’m your brother?

To Collin.

Collin called Jason back. “Stupid, you don’t tell her that. I tell her.” He hissed into the phone.

“Look man, I already did sh*t to her, okay? Will you just give me my drugs?” Jason replied.

“Jason,” Collin said slowly, “You’re my little brother, dude. You do my dirty work and I get you your drugs from Colorado, okay? Deal?”

Jason sighed loudly, “But I already gave her a bruise, man. I didn’t mean to though.” He couldn’t keep the disgust from his voice.

“Can’t be that bad. She bruises easily.” Collin said absently.

“No, I’m not some womanizer like you. I don’t know if I can keep doing this, Collin.”

“Look, either you do this for me or I tell mom about your drugs. And then they’re all gone. Never gettin’ to sniff again.” He threatened.

Jason hung up on him.

The End

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