One Person

 “Jason, as much as you want to believe, I don’t want you in my life! You could get out now and I wouldn’t care! You’re an annoying jerk! Like ... like Collin!” He cringed.

“So are you saying he never did anything this bad?! You two were just the happiest couple on the face of the planet, weren’t you?” Jason hissed cruelly and I gasped, my teeth clenching.

“Shut up, Jason. I don't care about Collin either.”

“You two were so in love and never did anything wrong! And he would have never hurt you if you were acting like a b*tch! And he loved you, didn’t he?”

“Shut up.” Tears were spilling over now. Was honestly so mad to throw that in my face? Sometimes the smallest things hurt the most. When will he ever learn? Or rather, when will I learn?

One thing, one person affected the way I lived my life because we claimed to love each other. One thing, one person destroyed my life by breaking the promise and hurting me. One thing, one person named Collin controls how I live and that’s got to change.

The End

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