I woke up the next morning, well afternoon, with Jason’s arms around me. His soft snores came out in my ear but it was soothing. He must have been faking though because he broke out laughing. “Afternoon.” He said lightly. “Heavy sleeper it seems.”

“Yeah, just a bit.” I laughed, rolling over to look into his eyes but it still didn’t feel right. “Want some lunch?”

“That’s okay, I already ate.” He joked. What was with his mood? Was last night his first time or something?

I chuckled weakly and brought the blanket around my naked body to walk around and find something to put on. I found those dreaded red striped panties and decided on that a random tank top by the couch. Thankfully, Jason didn’t watch me dress.

After, I walked into the kitchen, heading toward the steel refrigerator. When I saw my reflection, I gasped, crumbling to the ground.

“Is something wrong?” Jason asked and his words dropped down like bombs in a war.

“I … you!” I yelled. “How did you think I wouldn’t notice this?!”

The End

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