Crazy In Colorado

In Colorado already.

Collin had finished unpacking his bags and settled on the couch that came with the rundown apartment.

“This is crazy.” His mother kept muttering over and over. “My son and I in Colorado. This is crazy.” Collin sighed loudly and thought to himself, Its really crazy because you agreed to bring me all the way here, Mom. You must be the crazy one.

Collin couldn’t help but thinking about Allie. What was she doing without him? Had she broken down and cried yet? Was she trying to kill herself or something?

“Maybe I should call her.” He said out loud but his mother pretended like he hadn’t spoken.

“I have your cell.” She finally said quietly and he sighed again.

Collin thought about all the things he had done to hurt Allie. He thought about the way he had loved her, the way he had hated her. He thought about moving to Colorado to escape her and the reminder of everything he had did.

“Damn.” He whispered.

“Language.” She said.

He spoke as if he just realized it. “This is crazy.”

The End

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