Am I Happy

Jason didn’t leave. He walked back across the room to sit in front of me.

I tried to move myself, still curled in a ball, away from him but I didn’t go far. Like earlier, he didn’t speak, just gazed at me for a while.

Then, he gripped my chin and kissed me passionately. My ball uncurled and my body pushed into his as his tongue grazed the top of my mouth.

Jason pulled away from me and sighed loudly. “Happy now?”

I couldn’t help it; I started crying all over again. But I was crying this time because I was laughing so hard. How could he go through all this drama with me, kiss me and then ask me if I’m happy?

The very thought of being happy made me laugh hysterically, a crazed cry. But on the other hand, I was just laughing to laugh. It felt better than crying all the time.

Still, Collin was in my mind.

The End

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