Nothing But Pieces

Jason shook me harder and his hands felt like they were cutting off my circulation. “Stop trying to screw with me!” he screamed as I cringed. His expression changed at that and he released me.

I slid down to the floor and roared at him, “GET OUT !”

“Wait! I didn’t mean to …”

“GET OUT !” I repeated, tears rolling yet again. I curled into a ball as he reached the door, pausing, unsure if to leave me or not. Whether he had hurt me, it didn’t matter. Nothing would hurt as much as Collin.

It was like a wound someone poured salt on, a body someone repeatedly stabbed. It was searing pain that took over your whole body, crippled you enough to kill. And it was all mine. All of this torment belonged to me.

Collin was fine in Colorado while I suffered here. Alone. Trying to seduce guys to get my mind off of the pain. The pain. It was slowly destroying me from the inside though the tears were rolling down my face. It was pulling me apart until I was something like one of those hundred-piece, unsolved puzzles.

Nothing but the pieces.

The End

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