Stop Your Act

I got up from the couch and walked to the cabinet full of movies. “I think we have some action movies down here.”

I bent down, sticking my butt in the air. I could hear Jason’s growl as he crossed the room toward me and when I turned around his expression was angry.

“What’s wrong, Jason?” I cooed at him, batting my eyes again. Whether it was obvious what I was doing or not, he wanted me. Bad.

“Allie, stop it.” he said silently. He looked extremely angry but I was willing to push it farther.

“Did I do something wrong, Jason?” I ran my hand down his arm slowly and he glared at the hand.

“Allie, come on.”

“Come on where?” I whispered. Suddenly, Jason yanked my hand away, gripping my wrist. I dropped the movie in my hand as he grabbed my other wrist, pinning me to the cabinet.

“Godd*mn it Allie, stop!” he barked in my face as I squirmed to get free. I needed to be in control. “Do you hear me?! Stop acting like this!”

One more time. One last push. “Stop acting like what?” He shook me hard and it hurt badly.

The End

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