Still Trying Hard

 “So, when is your mom going to be home?” Jason asked. He didn’t trust himself alone I guessed.

“Tomorrow night. You know, long business trips and all.” I told him smugly.

“Oh.” I could tell he was relieved and disappointed at the same time. This was getting easier and easier. The microwave beeper broke the silence and I placed it in a bowl before following Jason back to the couch.

“One more thing.” I got up again to grab some fudge from the refrigerator. I poured it slowly over the hot popcorn as Jason’s face reddened again. Either he was picturing what could come of chocolate and me or how he could eat.

I dipped a finger in and licked it full out, batting my eyes at him. Jason asked randomly, “Can we watch something else?”

I licked my finger once more, dipped and replied, “Sure. You want an action movie or something?”

“Anything else.” Figures. This movie was approaching a sex scene it seemed. After licking again, Jason was glaring at me. Was he about to ask if I could please stop that? Or keep going?

The End

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