He's Not Mine

I left the alley in sadness, walking home slowly. Too slow.

Jason found me.

“Hey, are you alright?” he asked, out of breath. He must have been running toward me I thought absently.

“I’m fine.” I said, detached. Nothing else mattered anymore after what Collin had done. Nothing else could measure up to the emotions there.

“You don’t sound fine.”

“Leave me alone, Jason.” I said harshly. “No, wait.” I slapped my forehead. “I didn’t mean that. I just … I just need some time alone. To think.”

“That’s all you had to say.” He growled, turning around to walk away from me. Ugh! Why is every guy running away from me today? Ugh!

To prove a point, I walked up to a random guy on the street. He looked me up and down and started to back away. I must have looked demented or something. I mean, tears running down my face; Collin’s hand imprints on my arms; depression, agony.

Yeah, just describing that all was enough.

The End

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