You Swear What?!

My first instinct was to run for my life. I started to but he grabbed me quickly, pushing me up against the brick wall of one of the buildings. Dammit, he was too strong.

I struggled to get free but he twisted my arms uncomfortably behind me and shoved my face into the wall. I turned my head and managed to say, “Stop it!”

He turned it back and barked, “See, this is easier. Now I can actually say what I want to. Actually, it might be easier to just show you.” He lifted me without distress and strolled down the alley. No, no, no, no, No!

“Put me down, Collin!” I yelled at him, hitting his arms that constricted around me. It didn’t help. My hands probably felt like rabbit paws against him. “Ugh, Collin! I swear!”

He laughed. “I don’t understand this.” He murmured, “Why do people always say, ‘I swear!’ you swear what? You swear what, Allie?”

His last sentence came out like a coo and I wanted to kill him right then and there.

“You swear what, Cathy?”

The End

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