So So Stupid

 “Hi there, Allie. No, it wouldn’t be smart to run right now.” Collin said calmly.

He was always so calm. What the hell? How can this anger-management fool be so calm when he talks to me? As if he doesn’t want to destroy my life.

Ugh. “Collin, please leave me alone.” I whispered.

He ignored me like I hadn’t spoken. “Nice jeans.” He commented, walking around me in a circle.

I couldn’t will my own body to move away. I … I think I wanted him near me. No, no, that’s just stupid, Allie.

Collin interrupted my thoughts. “Aww, this is cute.” He grabbed my butt with one hand, using his other to trace over believe.

I flinched when he touched me. Then I started to think. This boy couldn’t possibly love me if he enjoyed injuring me so much. Right?

God, I must be the stupidest girl in the whole entire world or something.

The End

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