No Magical Tissues

“You have f*cking bruises and stuff from him! And you want me to get out of the way so he can do that again?!” Jason screamed in my face.

I cringed. “How did you know about the … bruises?”

“I see them. Everywhere. When you reach over to get something … I … your … here.” He grabbed my wrist.

“No. Don’t.” I whispered before running away from him.

“Wait! Allie! I didn’t – I didn’t mean that!” Jason followed after me but I knew he was jogging because he never caught me. I didn’t hear his footsteps behind me as I turned on an alley.

There, it was extremely easy to break down to the ground and cry like a baby. It just really sucks when you realize someone else is there. “Go away!” I snapped at Jason, tears rolling down my cheeks freely. Jason stepped toward me, sincerely.

“Allie, I didn’t mean to blow up like that. I’m sorry.”

“Go.” I said fiercely, taking a step away from him. He flinched at my tone before leaving me alone; it must have felt like the right thing to do. Once I realized what I’d done, I cried harder. If only magical pants had magical tissues too.

The End

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