Me And Collin

I stopped them before a fight started. I didn’t want Collin battling Jason if he had a knife. Maybe so other time … or not.

Jason and I left Collin in the woods. Once we were far away, he sighed, “When I said stupid, I wasn’t lying.”

“Sorry.” I whispered as we walked through the park.

“It’s okay. Just, I shouldn’t have let you go. I knew he was gonna try something and I just figured … it was something I should stay out of.”

I laughed sourly. “Great job at that.”

“Yeah. Um, I know.” Jason murmured. “Its just … I feel really bad about reading your journal. If I hadn’t read anything …” his voice trailed off and I fake smiled at him.

“It’s okay. I … I don’t mind. Just don’t um, don’t get in the way between me and Collin.” He blew up then, extremely angry.

The End

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