I Love You

Collin pulled out a small knife that I’d seen before and it glistened in the sun. “Would you care if I killed myself and you were the only witness?” I was silent. “That’s what I thought.” He put the knife in his pocket.

“You’re crazy, Collin. You need some help.” I whispered.

“I need it or you do?” he snapped back.

“Who hurt who, Collin?”

He scoffed. “You hurt yourself by making me mad. That was stupid and you know it.” He was trying to make this all my fault and it wasn’t. I knew it wasn’t but the more he convinced me …

“You didn’t have to hit me or anything.” I stayed calm talking to him. Maybe the jeans were working. Power to American Eagle.

“I didn’t have to do anything I did, but I did.” He hissed. “And I’m glad about it because there’s one thing I’ll always have. You’ll always love me.”

“Not true.”

“Don’t deny it, Cathy.” I flinched as he used my old nickname. “Cathy, you love me like I love you, we just have little issues. Nothing that can’t be fixed though, you know that. I love you.”

The End

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