My Biggest Mistake

“Anything.” Jason whispered, “I’ll help you with anything.” He pushed the rest of my memories out of his mind. “I’d really love to just kill him right now.”

“Easy, that’s not what I meant.” I laughed, I actually laughed. I was standing outside the mall, telling a guy I met a week ago about my darkest secret and I actually laughed. Then, I remembered what my jeans said. Believe. it was time to really start.

“What did you mean then? Are you gonna tell me what he said?” he asked, looking excited. Note to self: Never forget Jason gets overexcited often.

I sighed loudly. “Yes. I don’t know what to do now.”

“If you tell me, does that give me the right to kick his ass?”

“Not at all, sorry.” As much as I hated Collin, I loved him more.

Unfortunately, Jason could see that. He could just look at me now and be able to know the difference between my truth and lies. It’s probably a good thing, judging by the fact that he might be able to stop me from making the stupidest mistake of my life.

Okay, maybe not.

The End

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